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From late November through January 1, the United States is fully immersed in what is generally called “Holiday Season.” It starts with Thanksgiving and doesn’t stop until we ring in the New Year. In between, we celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and a host of other festive events.

One international Holiday that’s never really caught on in the United States, though, is Boxing Day. Widely celebrated in the UK and Canada, Boxing Day is a day set aside to celebrate professional relationships. What began as the traditional day for employers to provide gifts for their servants has grown into an opportunity for business owners to honor their employees and independent tradesmen with whom they do business.

Traditions Have to Start Somewhere

Boxing Day may not be widely celebrated in the United States, but there’s no time like the present to start a new tradition for your business. Think of all the hard work your employees, contractors, and clients have put in to make your business so successful. Boxing Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate their hard work in a way that is unconnected to any of the religious or cultural significance of the more widely-celebrated holidays. In a diverse workplace, it gives you a chance to show some extra appreciation for your employees and clients without stepping on any toes.

A Modern Twist

Regardless of its origins, the spirit of Boxing Day is giving something back to those who help you every other day of the year. For a modern business owner, that could include everyone from your valued employees to your building’s maintenance staff to the freelance contractors you use from time to time. All of these people are part of making your business successful, and Boxing Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation.

Rush Imprint offers a full line of custom products that will help you show your appreciation to customers and clients alike. From golf balls to delicious towers of yummy treats, these custom-branded gifts are the best way to let the people who help propel your business forward know how much it means to you.

For your employees, we offer custom-branded outerwear that will help keep them comfortable during the cold winter months. These are a perfect way to show a little Boxing Day appreciation and build team spirit in your office at the same time.

Gifts on the Go

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a proper holiday if you didn’t sometimes forget a gift until the last minute. Have no fear, though. Thanks to our line of custom products with free rush production, you can make sure your employees, clients, and customers go home with a box full of treats no matter how late you put it off. They’re a perfect way to squeeze in a thank you during your hectic holiday schedule.

While you’re already in the Holiday spirit, why not add a new one to the calendar this year? There’s no such thing as too many gifts, and Boxing Day is a great, fun way to spread some holiday cheer around the office without making anyone feel uncomfortable. It’s something your entire company can enjoy together and adds just the right amount of extra flavor to the most wonderful time of the year.

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