Give the Gift of Branded YUM!

Man looking at an option for personalized food gift

The way to your customer’s heart is through their stomach. Okay, that’s not exactly the way the saying goes but it should. We know that sweet treats are a huge hit with customers – from corporate giants to casual foot traffic, people simply love treats. Why not make the most of that fact and put a smile on their faces. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that when they’re enjoying their branded food gifts, they’re thinking of you.

We have a lot of different sweet snacks and a few salty ones too. So how are you going to woo your customers? We suggest trying one of the following (especially the hot chocolate bombs), they’re huge hits with our staff and they make great inner-office gifts as well as corporate giveaways. In fact, this might be the only corporate holiday gift shopping you need to do.

Our top 5 food gift ideas

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Since we mentioned these already, we might as well talk about them first. These are truly the bomb! Hot Chocolate bombs trickled into the market last year, meaning this year they’re going to be the hottest chocolate gift around.

That is a blessing and a curse, in a way. You’re going to want to be a part of the bomb explosion this season because everyone is going to want one (who are we kidding – they’re going to want one every day!). But you don’t want to fall by the wayside and be just another company giving a chocolate bomb. To stand out, we recommend pairing your hot chocolate bomb gift with a custom mug with your logo. This not only makes you the one who gets remembered, your mug is going to be used over and over and every time they’ll think of your generosity.

S’Mores Kit

When it’s holiday season, everyone is thinking of family and friends. This makes a s’mores kit a fantastic gift for anyone. Gather together and spark some memories with this childhood favorite that stands the test of time. The older people in the crowd will fondly think of their childhood while the younger ones create their own memories. Wait – a s’mores kit for the winter months? Why not! Right around December and January, people are craving a little respite from the cold, and this can be what they need to warm their hearts and spirit.

Healthy Gourmet Kit

Are you making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get fit, or make smarter food choices? The odds are pretty good that one of those big three is on your list and, more importantly, on the list for your customers and business partners. That’s why I love the idea of supporting their better health goals with a promotional gift box that’s filled with treats they can feel good about indulging in.

We have different healthy food options but the healthy gourmet kit gives them a nice variety and that way you’re sure to find something they crave.

Mug Cakes

Okay, I’ll admit it – mug cakes are my personal favorite. I am a sucker for cakes and brownies and cookies and if they are easy to make and come in a single serving size – all the better! Fill a stocking with these ooey gooey delights and any dessert-lover is going to be as happy as can be.

And, while mug cakes are a delicious delectable, you can make them even better. The cake mixes are sold without the mug, which is actually a good thing. This cuts down on the price and lets you select a customized branded mug. It’s another situation where your gift is going to last long after the treats are gone yet it will come with a happy and yummy memory.

*Tip – just remember to select a microwavable mug because the cake mixes are made in the microwave.

7-Way Executive Delight

Looking to hit the sweet, salty, and everything in-between with your corporate gift? Then layering snacks together is the way to go and the 7-Way Executive Delight is a wonderful way to do it. We do have other gift baskets and towers that have a variety of treats and they’re all fantastic. I prefer this one because it is packed with variety, giving everyone a little something. Or giving one person a lot of options. Wrapped in a customized bow, there’s something about this corporate gift that just feels special.

Have you decided that a tasty treat is how you want to reach your customers and staff this season? It’s a fantastic idea and I can make it easy for you. Just zip over to our website and check out all of our branded food and beverage products and we can chat about your order, or you can give our customer service team a call at 1 (866) 277-RUSH (7874).

Even better, we’ll help you create customized collections for your top tier business partners and make special orders possible for your team members. Let’s get creative and come up with a promotional holiday gift that gets remembered.