10 Tradeshow Tips During Covid

(rules change by location, what tips can help you be a success)

Blurred image of a succesful tradeshow where people is receiving tradeshow swag

We’re definitely living in an interesting time. Covid-19 came into our world and flipped the apple cart upside-down. Now, we’re working to pull it all back together, but the process is not as smooth as some of us had hoped or expected.

For businesses that rely on events and tradeshows as part of their marketing plan, this has been a particularly difficult transition. Obviously, the beginning was the hardest when everything was shut down, then came the confusing world of virtual events and tradeshows, and now it seems like there are different rules everywhere you go, and they can change from day to day. So how do you stay active in tradeshows and fuel your marketing efforts successfully? The following tips can help your business thrive at your next tradeshow, even in a Covid era.

Tips for Tradeshow Success During Covid

Unfortunately, it seems like the repercussions of Covid are lingering and will be for quite some time. While everyone wants to resume their normal lives, precautions are important for the safety and health of all involved. These tips can help you navigate your next tradeshow with success.

1. Research.

Most event destinations will have the information you need regarding their local policies, so the research isn’t difficult, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it. Make sure you know what’s expected in each location you attend and adhere to those rules.

2. Follow the rules.

Yes, I’m repeating myself, but it’s important that you follow the rules for each location you’re in. You’re a guest and visiting an area, this is not your home turf. It can damage your company’s reputation if you’re not adhering to safety standards implemented by that local government or the facility.

3. Encourage distancing.

Tradeshows can be a place where people get up close and personal. You still want people to be able to explore your booth and your products so it’s time to get creative. How about creating different areas, putting up clear barriers, encouraging a queue through your booth, or what about your own personalized adhesive removable floor decal with your company logo. There are ways to manage crowds effectively and most people have a bit more patience these days.

4. Use QR codes.

QR codes are becoming the norm in restaurants, which means people are getting accustomed to using them. Use this to your advantage and suggest visitors scan your code for more information. You can also be active with that code and supply them with regular updates.

5. Be playful.

There’s no reason to be dour or sour. At a tradeshow, your company should be represented by happy and helpful people. You can encourage this by creating a booth that uses humor and fun to keep everyone in the right frame of mind. For instance – order clever spacing signs suggesting people keep an imaginary cow length between them.

6. Embrace it.

Why shy away from the safety measures? Instead, get your arms around them and use them to promote your company. If there ever was a time to use what’s happening in the world to your marketing advantage this is it. At rushIMPRINT, we offer several different Wellness & Safety items that can be your next promotional giveaway.

7. Brand it!

If you’re handing out safety and wellness items, you certainly want your brand on it, but you also want to have your brand on everything your representatives are wearing and using. Meaning – you need face masks with your company logo and probably some custom hand sanitizers, too.

8. Extend the experience.

If you’ve got a potential customer there, in-person during a pandemic, odds are that they’re very interested in your business. Make the most of this and create opportunities to extend your offerings. Encourage them to sign up for newsletters, join virtual presentations, snag a discount for attendees. Do whatever you can to nurture this engaged visitor.

Offer a better tradeshow swag experience.

Branching off of the above tip, with restricted attendance and a drop in interest, you’ll have the opportunity to connect more deeply with the people who attend. If you suspect they are truly interested, keep an “elevated” swag experience you can offer them nearby. Go beyond the free pens you have set out on display counters and give them a more meaningful promotional gift that they’ll remember. If you’re not sure what that promo item should be, connect with one of our customer service experts and they’ll help guide you to branded merchandise that seals the deal.

One last tip, try to be as flexible as possible. This is a trying time for you and for everyone else as well. Being able to roll with the flow is definitely a benefit and can help you navigate the changes that are sure to come our way.