Maximize Promotional ROI: Trends in Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is growing and has been since Covid-19 changed the way we do business. At first, it seemed like this additional touchpoint for companies was going to be a temporary trend. It was the perfect way for businesses to connect with their customers and remind them that they’re still out there while cementing established relationships.

Interestingly, we haven’t seen any decline in gifting as everyone slowly moves back toward “normal.” We’re actually seeing corporate gifting pick up steam. It seems like the experiment of reaching out during Covid proved what we at rushIMPRINT have known all along – corporate gifting works!

Why Corporate Gifting Works

Giving your biggest customers or your potential clients a gift has always been a great way to open doors and build brand loyalty. We’re living in a business world that’s shifting due to an overwhelming amount of competition and access to goods from around the world. Customers are looking for more than just a good price, they now want a relationship with a brand they respect, and they want reliable service. Gifting can display those qualities and more. Here are some top reasons gifting to customers works.

  • Reminds them of your company
  • Fosters a bond and good associations
  • Even small gifts increase conversion (i.e. good ROI)
  • Reinforces your brand and your company values
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Gifts that are kept are constant reminders
  • The Endowment Effect puts value on gifts you give that is greater than their monetary value
  • The joy of giving can boost your company morale

There’s a full-circle benefit that comes from giving business gifts where everyone in the chain is touched in a positive way. So, let’s move on to the most important part – what are the current corporate gift trends. It’s all about making smart gifting purchases that will boost your ROI, these are the current gift trends for business that people love.

Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Gifts.

Companies that care about the culture of their business partners often have a preference for eco-friendly gifts. That attitude and mindset also means they’ll keep their gift longer and use it, rather than throwing it away. Which, of course, means more eyes on your brand for a longer time and a greater impact from your eco-friendly gift.

Food Baskets, Boxes, and Towers.

Consumers are big into gift boxes when it comes to their own purchases, why not take advantage of that and give them what they want. You can create a gift basket filled with just about anything – even freebies from your company if you make consumables. We are seeing a lot of traction in our food gift baskets – because who doesn’t like a tasty treat?

Outdoor Events.

This category has a two-fold benefit, making it a smart avenue to take. Some people are still more comfortable spending time with others outside while being socially distant, others are happy to be participating in team sports again. Giving a gift with an outdoor theme or one that’s connected to sports is a great way to make your customers smile and it gives them a reason to go outside and enjoy themselves.

Personalized Gifts.

This is not something you can do for every company or every customer you do business with, but if you really want to impress someone – maybe snag that big contract you’ve been trying to get – then a personalized gift with them in mind is the way to go. The level of effort involved in this one should be A+ and the results will likewise be top grade.

Wellness and Safety.

We’re still seeing people lean heavily into wellness and safety. One shift is that people are shying away from PPE (although they haven’t given up on it) and moving into healthy choices and spa-themed company gifts. Think of this gift as a luxury or a reward with a pampering or health-centric concept.

Work from Home Tech.

Most people who are now going to work from home regularly already have the basics they need and they’ve ironed out the kinks, the next step is to customize their space and deck it out with tech. Work from home tech gifts like computer accessories, Bluetooth speakers, chargers, and headphones are big hits that get more appealing when they also feature a popular brand as the manufacturer.

Toys and Novelties.

Coming out of a dark time, there’s nothing more lighthearted and playful than toys and novelties. These items tend to be small and fidget-like in nature, but they’re something that instantly makes the receiver smile – which is always a good thing. If you can find something with a bit of nostalgia or retro-vibe, all the better.


It seems like everyone is on the go lately and backpacks are a great way to support that and get your name out there. These tend to be nice backpacks with quality details and durability, so they’ll last a long time and instantly be appreciated for their value. If you’re looking to create a personalized gift, this can be the way to go, or you can up the ante and fill it with some additional swag.

No matter what approach you take to company giveaways this year, it’s going to be a good move in the right direction. Swag and freebies have more meaning than ever and when the item is novel or there is thought behind it, the potential return on investment is huge.

If you’re ready to explore some corporate gifting ideas, give us a call at 1 (866) 277-7874 and we’ll help you fill your order. You can also pop over to our website and check out what we have to offer as well as reaching out in a chat to me or another one of our customer service members.