Custom Insulated Mugs

Get eyes on your brand or company logo first thing in the morning with custom-insulated mugs. Our selection of personalized insulated coffee mugs make great employee or client gifts and can be taken anywhere. Start your order today, and get your company logo on that first cup of coffee. 

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Unique Custom-Insulated Mugs

Our selection of custom-insulated mugs includes several designs that make them stand out from traditional vacuum-insulated drinkware. Our selection includes vacuum-insulated designs that carry the look and feel of traditional coffee mugs. These custom-insulated mugs can be ordered with and without handles and come with lids, ensuring that coffee stays hot for a long time. 


Personalized Insulated Coffee Mugs Make Great Gifts

These personalized insulated coffee mugs are a great gift idea for clients who love coffee and have to travel for work. Wherever they go, they’ll carry your logo on a travel mug that will proudly display your company to other potential clients. Plus, by giving one of our personalized insulated coffee mugs as a gift, you’ll forge a deep, long lasting connection with an item that feels personal and tailored to a client’s busy lifestyle. 


Vacuum-Insulated Mugs in Different Sizes

Not everyone drinks their coffee hot, and sometimes a smaller custom-insulated mug won’t do. Our selection of vacuum-insulated mugs includes options in 12, 18, 20, or 22 oz sizes. We also offer designs that come with a straw, which make a perfect gift for employees or clients who prefer iced coffees or other cold beverages.


More Than Custom-Insulated Mugs

At rushIMPRINT, we offer much more than custom-insulated mugs. We can place your company logo or graphic on a whole range of unique, custom drinkware. Whether you’re looking for custom stadium cups to hand out at games and events or custom-insulated tumblers for a corporate gift, we can ensure high-quality branding that you can be proud of. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions. Call us at 1-866-277-7874 or contact us today. 



Vacuum Insulated Mugs FAQ

How do vacuum-insulated mugs work?

Our vacuum-insulated mugs are double-walled, which means that there is an inner lining and an exterior lining with a vacuum-insulated pocket between. This pocket makes it so there is no transfer of heat between the linings, which ensures that your drink stays hot for much longer. 

How do you clean custom insulated mugs?

We recommend hand-washing your custom-insulated mug. For stains or tough-to-clean parts of the travel mug or lid, let it soak in warm, soapy water for at least 10 minutes before rinsing clean.

How do I design a custom insulated mug?

We make designing and ordering custom-insulated mugs easy! Simply select the option that best works for your needs, then pick a color, choose a quantity, and enter your zip code. Click “Customize,” and you’ll be able to upload your logo on a travel mug or use our handy design tool to create a new graphic.

Can you microwave custom insulated mugs?

No, we do not recommend microwaving custom-insulated mugs. Our vacuum-sealed mugs contain stainless steel, which can damage your microwave.

Are custom-insulated travel mugs safe for water?

As long as your custom-insulated travel mug has been cleaned, it is safe for water. Feel free to use your travel mug for either hot or cold drinks!

Do vacuum-insulated mugs keep drinks cold?

Yes, our vacuum-insulated mugs can keep your beverages either hot or cold. The vacuum-insulated design is meant to minimize heat transfer between the two linings, which keeps the temperature of your beverage the same for a much longer period of time.

What is the minimum number needed to order custom insulated mugs?

We have a few custom-insulated mug options that start at a minimum order of 12. Other selections may start at 24, 36, or more, depending on the design and style of the vacuum-insulated mug.

How long can milk stay in a vacuum-insulated mug?

If you’re just adding milk to a vacuum-insulated mug, it can last about 6 hours without turning bad. If you add a few ice cubes to the milk, it can last even longer. If you’re adding milk to your coffee, once your drink drops below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you have about 4 hours where it should be safe to consume. For this reason, some people choose to carry their coffee and milk in separate vacuum-insulated mugs with the intention of combining both beverages later.