Custom Trade Show Supplies

Get setup for the next company event with custom trade show supplies from rushIMPRINT. Designing your own booth with branded trade show equipment is a great way to make yourselves stand out. Table covers, banners, flags, signs, tents, and other displays are all available for customization. With such a wide variety of trade show gear to choose from, your team will surely attract a diverse audience and generate plenty of leads.


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What to Do at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a great opportunity to promote your brand by demonstrating your products and services first hand. Give attendees a hands-on experience while you give a quick pitch about your product or service’s features and benefits. Personalized trade show equipment will reinforce your brand's messaging and imagery in the minds of attendees, whether they just pass by the booth or stop to meet and greet. 


Giveaways at a Trade Show

Trade show attendees will love your brand even more when you give them free gifts after they meet at your booth. Try to give away custom pens or custom lanyards with your logo to leave an impression on other attendees. Or, better yet, hand out items that are related to your industry. In addition to encouraging brand loyalty amongst these potential customers, people that use your branded giveaways in public will also increase your brand visibility.


What to Wear to a Trade Show

Make sure your sales team is equipped with branded apparel when they go to represent your company. Custom dress shirts may suggest a level of professionalism and unity on your team while custom t-shirts can give off the vibe that your team is cheerful and easy going in nature. Your team can also incorporate custom lanyards and other accessories into their outfits to further elevate the brand integration.

Collaborate with rushIMPRINT

Putting your logo on custom trade show supplies and other branded merchandise may seem challenging to teams without a creative department. That’s why rushIMPRINT is happy to provide professional designs for free! Our team of design experts will customize trade show supplies and other branded merchandise to accent your business in the best way possible.