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Custom Promotional Phone Chargers

Do you need to make a phone call and you are away from home? Drive around until you locate a pay phone, make sure you have the right change – okay, that’s how it used to be done. Today, we have cell phones that we carry with us everywhere we go. They are a lot… Read more »

Custom USB Drives

Do you often find yourself having to move your data from one place to another? Do you need a place to store additional data without a power supply, and still be sure that it remains in the exact condition it had originally? Promotional flash drives are rewritable, which means you can reuse them almost indefinitely…. Read more »

Promotional USB Flash Drives

rushIMPRINT offers a set of irresistible promotional USB flash drives that absolutely will not be refused by any of your potential clients you would like to keep connected to your brand for a long time and in a meaningful way. The promotional USB includes custom logos printed on the USB sticks and cards. The USB… Read more »

Convenience or Headache? The Quest for the Perfect Gadget

In your opinion of today’s technology, what is the best invention that has made an improvement for yourself or the world?  Is their anything in the future that you would like to see created? During high school I took a program at Forbes Road CTC for computer networking and engineering (CNET).  This program went from… Read more »