Promotional Merchandise by Industry

Creating promotional merchandise is essential for businesses that want to expand their reach and meet new customers. We know that finding the right kinds of branded gear can be tough, so our team at rushIMPRINT has constructed over a dozen unique categories to help you start your search. Shop for promotional merchandise by industry and you’ll be able to find everything you need to advance your real estate business, dental practice, or automotive shop.


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Elevate Your Brand with Confidence

If you’re unsure about what kinds of custom promotional merchandise is ideal for your growing business, you can find it all on one curated list. When new clients and customers use your merchandise, it increases brand visibility and recognition, helping to create more awareness about your company. Compared to traditional advertising methods, custom branded merchandise can also have a more lasting impact. 

Organized for Quick Browsing

Instead of searching for various branded promotional merchandise from 3 or 4 different websites, rushIMPRINT makes the process fast and convenient by putting everything you need in one place. Restaurants and bars can navigate to a single page, where they’ll find dozens of different coasters, napkins, bottle openers, and even uniforms available for customization.


Promotional Gear for Every Business

Even if you can’t find your particular vertical in our list, our selection of industries should still be a great jumping off point. For example, hotel and resort hospitality items like sunglasses and sunscreen are great promotional items for any outdoor brand. Similarly, some of our custom golf accessories, like our custom polos, shoe bags, and hand towels, will work beautifully for athletic brands of all kinds.

How rushIMPRINT Sets Itself Apart

The effectiveness of branded merchandise depends on the quality of the items and how well they align with your brand identity and target audience. That’s why our team wants to make sure that you’re entirely satisfied with your order. rushIMPRTIN is confident that the products you order will arrive exactly as you approve them or you can return your order. Start showcasing your identity with promotional merchandise today.