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Drawstring Backpacks are Handy and Inexpensive

If you’re looking for a sports bag that’s functional, durable, and easy to carry and put away, then the Budget Custom Drawstring Backpack is for you. This tough little bag will hold everything you need and be neither bulky nor uncomfortable. It’s also strong and durable enough to withstand rough wear and still look good…. Read more »

Small Cowbell

What do you think of when you hear “cowbell”? Does the word bring to mind a pasture full of bovine creatures with bells around their necks? Do you think of a comedy show sketch with classic music that ‘needs more cowbell’? These don’t sound like much of an advertising opportunity, do they? Well, the Small… Read more »

Swag Up Your Company Picnics

Are you tired of same old boring company picnic? There’s an easy way to spice things up, and leave a lasting impression on your employees. rushIMPRINT carries several products that add some much-needed excitement and enjoyment to the mundane picnic. Use them to liven up the atmosphere or even to promote a little competition by raffling off some… Read more »

QR Codes as a Marketing Tool

Quick response codes (QR) are flat little squares of black and white dots that are cropping up across the mobile marketing field. Smartphone users simply snap a photo of these dots and a QR code reader app connects to an Internet landing page, revealing a world of useful information. For those who market with promotional… Read more »

More creative printing.

Another creative printing idea I liked. As far as I understand, the guy in the picture just bought a book of detective stories by one of the most famous crime writers in Belgium. With the help of a simple plastic bag, just like this one we have here, and a creative idea of what to… Read more »

Knowing your audience

Your target market probably receives hundreds of freebies yearly. If you do not do your homework, your items could become inconsequential and even work against you. People expect more Lifestyles are changing, and so are promo items. The usual tumbler that multiplied sales for start-ups in the 1950’s just doesn’t cut it anymore – people… Read more »

Cheap promo items as premiums

So powerful are promo items that they work for consumers of all ages – even to kids, or especially to kids. I was surfing for marketing data when I came across a new bit about the Japanese Nintendo Club’s successful and inexpensive promotional tactic last year, considered one of the best in their industry. Their… Read more »

Selecting the right promo item

Last Monday I met with a new client – a representative of a local university. She was a very cheerful lady but had no marketing background, and was completely in the dark about what promo item to choose. At the top of her list were magnets – she wanted ‘refrigerator magnets’ with her university’s logo,… Read more »